The CoolBus fleet currently consists of 24 long wheel base Volkswagen Caravelle Minibuses.

We own all of our vehicles and rotate them every 2 and a half years so you can rest assured that you will always be collected in an up-to-date model. We believe that the Caravelle minibus is the very best available on the market today.


  • 8 Passenger seats
  • Plenty of legroom in the back
  • CD Player with an auxiliary connection for your MP3 player plus a good selection of music
  • Portable DVD player (only a small selection of DVDs in each vehicle)
  • Large boot with loads of luggage space
  • English Speaking driver!
  • Copies of the CoolBus Magazine!
  • Tinted windows for privacy
  • USB charging port for your phone/tablet
  • Climate control which can be adjusted separately in the back
  • Finally all of our vehicles are fully insured and licensed with the necessary authorities in France and Switzerland

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